EMR4Healthcare electronic medical record system has a small footprint and low memory overhead. The system has been optimized to deliver high performance with comparatively low resource contention.

Server:   This table outlines the minimum hardware needed to run different configurations of EMR4HealthcareServer. Using additional or faster processors and more RAM will incrementally improve performance. This model has been developed taking into consideration the average number of concurrent users and the workload of a normal user. If other applications are to share the hardware, these configurations may need to be altered accordingly. It is highly recommended that you use a dedicated machine to host EMR server.

    PC Requirements

    • Workstation

      • Pentium 4 or higher
      • 1 GB RAM or higher recommendedg
      • 1024 × 768 screen resolution or better
      • Wondows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional or Vista operating system
      • Service pack 1 or higher
      • Broadband Internet connection (see specifications below)
      • User accounts: Administrator or Power User access level

    • Tablet PCs (for EMR)

      • Above workstation requirements
      • Windows XP Tablet Edition SP2 only
      • 1 GB RAM or higher recommended

    • Internet Explorer 6 or 7
    • or higher
      • 128-bit encryption enabled
      • Configured to accept and use ActiveX controls

    • Additional Software

      • Tablets: Microsoft Windows 2003 (Service Pack 1 or higher)

    For optimal performance, we suggest office machines run Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office, and other purchased commercial software only. Avoid recreational downloads such as internet toolbars, popup blockers, etc.


    • Printers

      • Windows compliant laser printer (recommend HP)
      • Optional: Label printer (recommend Seiko or Dymo)

    • Handheld PDAs

      • Microsoft PocketPC 2000 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 (any edition)
      • Processor: Intel StrongARM or XScale
      • Memory: 32MB RAM (built-in, not add-on) - recommend 64MB RAM
      • Display: 240x320 or 480x640 (VGA)
      • Wi-fi (802.11b or g) wireless networking with continuous access
        NOTE: Bluetooth and wireless cell phone Internet connectivity may also work well.
      • Dell Axim or HP iPAQ devices are supported by AdvancedMD

    Internet Access Requirements

    PCs will need access to the Internet either directly or through a local area network. Most business broadband accounts can service these needs very inexpensively; typical connection types include DSL, Cable, Wireless, or fractional T1 lines. (Note that Satellite service is not recommended, as latency is usually unacceptable.) Your connection should meet the following minimums:

    Number of concurrent users
    (sharing this connection)
    Recommended Tested Speed *
    1-5 concurrent users
    512 Kb/s
    256 Kb/s
    6-10 concurrent users
    768 Kb/s
    384 Kb/s
    11-20 concurrent users
    1024 Kb/s
    384 Kb/s
    21-30 concurrent users
    1.5 Mb/s
    512 Kb/s
    More than 30 concurrent users
    T1 or higher
    Latency Test Average**
    < 100 ms

    Additional considerations

    • Heavy usage: If you are a billing office, you should consider the next higher level of recommended speeds for your office size.
    • Other Internet traffic: The speeds recommended pertain to the EMR4Healthcareapplications only. If there is additional Internet traffic in the office (web browsing, etc.), you may wish to use higher speeds.

Storage or Backup system :

Clients: Internet Explorer® browser version 5.0 through version 7.0. Monzila firefox There are no other requirements at the client side and, as such, ordinary computers generally suffice. It is recommended though that the browser is updated with the latest service pack and the underlying machine have 256MB or more of RAM.

Screen Resolution:  Minimum 800 × 600 pixels screen area for Desktop PCs and 768 × 1024 for Tablet PCs (portrait mode). Screen resolution of 1024 × 768 is highly recommended. UniCharts™ EMR looks its best with 24-bit high color (Almost every computer sold today has this capability).

Network:  A network running TCP/IP protocol is required (Almost every network today uses TCP/IP as a primary protocol). Ethernet speed of 10Mbps is minimum whereas Fast 100Mbps is recommended. For wireless networks, 802.11-b (11 Mbps) is minimum while the use of 802.11-a or g (54 Mbps) is recommended.

Disclaimer: The system requirements noted here are subject to change without notice.

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