FAQ EMR(Electronic Medical Record )

Q. How is confidentiality of patient information maintained with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems?

A. All access to patient charts is controlled through individual user passwords. The added benefit of this password access is that staff and physicians can have different levels of access to the chart assigned to them as determined by the physician.

How secure is my patient information?

The Electronic Medical Records systems are designed to prevent unauthorized users and hackers from gaining access to patient records. In addition, there are mechanisms in place to prevent writing over the patient record after you have signed off on the chart. This is to prevent alteration of records after the fact. The EMR also has audit trails that indicate when certain facts were recorded into the chart and when addenda or changes were made.
Keeping patient information secure also involves making provisions for backups and disaster recovery of data. Each practice needs to backup their system as a normal part of daily workflow. To ensure that all data is backed up, it is important to schedule backups to run at a time when no one is using the software, i.e. early morning, lunch or after hours. Label backup media for use each day of the week and use them in sequence. Once a week, take a backup copy off site and replace it with an additional set. Rotate the off site backups at the end of each working week. The off site backups provide additional protection against loss through fire, robbery, water damage and vandalism.

Q. What operating system does EMR4Healthcareserver run on?
A. The EMR4Healthcareserver installs and runs on every version of Windows® XP (including Tablet PC version), Windows® Server 2003, Windows® 2000 and Windows NT® 4.0, with latest service pack installed. As for the future version of Windows, we always check the operation of the program under the latest beta platforms from Microsoft Corporation.

Q. What operating system should the other computers have?
A. The client/s can be any computer having any operating system that has an Internet Explorer browser version 5.0 or higher installed. Absolutely no other installation is needed on the users computers/workstations. As such, even the computers running Windows98 or Mac can also be used as clients.

Q. Are there any other specific software requirements?
A. No. Our EMR is bundled with all the required software. No additional software or runtime libraries are needed for its installation or operation.

Q. Are there any specific hardware requirements?
A. Our EMR has no special hardware requirements. We even encourage solo practitioners and small practices to first try their existing equipment. We constantly measure the performance of our program and make adjustments to ensure that it run smoothly even on low-end computers. The computer on which the EMR is installed can be a normal desktop PC or a portable PC.

Q. How easy is it to install the EMR and have it up and running?
A. Our EMR is packaged and come with fully featured install and uninstall capabilities. It takes only a few clicks to install the product and even less to uninstall it completely.

Q. How long does it take to install it?
A. You can install the EMR on your own system in about 15 minutes. See the User Manual for more information.

Q. Do I need to be connected to the Internet to install the software?
A. No. Once you have downloaded the installer, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to install or use the software.

Q. Is installing EMR4HealthcareEMR safe?
A. All our software is thoroughly scanned for viruses before any distribution. Also, unlike some applications that install a variety of assorted tools and files all over your system, our software has been designed to make the minimum possible number of changes to your computer.

Q. How do I install the EMR software?
A. After downloading and saving the program to your computer, just double click the program to start the installation process. The EMR software installs using an easy wizard based installer that will guide you through the process. Be sure to read each screen, and follow any instructions they contain.

Q. How do I uninstall the EMR software?
A. Uninstall capability is built-in with the EMR program. You can click Start->Programs, point to the program's group, find and click Uninstall to remove it from your system. Alternatively, go to the Windows Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs, and choose the EMR and click Uninstall. As a safety precaution, uninstalling the EMR will not remove the Database. You will have to manually remove it from your system.

Q. I have computers but no network. Is a network necessary to use the EMR?
A. No. Network comes into picture only if the system is to be accessed from more than one computer/workstation/terminal. If only one person is to use the EMR, there is no need for a network. The user can logon to the system through a browser window on the very machine EMR it is installed on, exactly as he would do if he were to logon in a networked environment.

Q. I have 8 computers in my office. Do I have to install the program on every machine?
A. Unlike many multi-user systems that are composed of two software applications, our product capitalizes on the state-of-the-art thin-client architecture and needs to be installed only on one machine. All other computers just need to have Internet Explorer browsers to login.

Q. Can I add new medicines to the medication hot list?
A. Yes. You can add any number of drugs to the medication hot list from the database that is included with our system. You can also remove a drug from the list.

Q. Can I add more CPT codes to the CPT hot list?
A. Yes. You can add any number of codes to the CPT hot list from the database that is included with our system. You can also remove a code from the list.

Q. Who is EMR4HealthcareEMR designed for?
A. It is designed for solo-practitioners and small single or multi-specialty groups. Depending upon the license type you choose to purchase, it can facilitate up to 16 simultaneous users. Physicians, nurses, front office staff - EMR4CLINICis for anyone who gathers patient data at the point-of-care and needs a really usable, comprehensive, and complete system to work on with.

Q. Can I see an online demo of your product?
A. You can see much more than a demo. Click Test Drive link on our main page and you should be able to not only see but also feel the product in real-time.

Q. I am a solo physician and I intend to use the system alone. Which license type should I buy?
A. You will have to buy 4 Users license, which is the lowest level available. You can use it alone for now and add more users in future should the need arise.

Q. I just purchased the Evaluation version. What capabilities does it have?
A. The Evaluation version is a fully functional of the EMR4HealthcareEMR, except that you cannot create more than 20 patient charts. You can install the EMR on your server and use all of its features in a multi-user environment. You will just not be able to create more than 20 charts. You can then purchase the regular version online and receive the unlock key. Once unlocked, the restrictions will be removed, and you will be able to use the software indefinitely.

Q. Do I have to reinstall the EMR after I purchase a regular license?
A. No. You will not have to download or reinstall the program as the new activation key (regular license key) that you will receive after your purchase will transform your evaluation version into a regular and unrestricted version of the license type that you choose.

Q. Do I have to install the EMR on the computer of every user in the practice?
A. No. The EMR4Healthcarerequires to be installed on one machine. All other users only need to open their Internet Explorer browsers and login from their computer/terminal, including the very computer the EMR is installed on.

Q. Will I able to access the EMR remotely?
A. Our system is Internet ready out of the box. There are, however, some considerations with regards to Internet connectivity and the local network configuration. The practice should have a static IP address and the local network should be configured to allow outside communications. We recommend our users to avail services of local support personnel for proper configuration of their network, even if they would be accessing the EMR only over the local network.

Q. Do I need training?
A. EMR4CLINICis very user-friendly and intuitive program. If you are familiar with standard programs like MS Word and surf the web using a browser, you should be able to begin using it without any training. In case you feel a need to learn how to use the program, comprehensive help manual and tutorials are available at our site to keep your learning curve at a minimum. Please take a Test Drive to get a feel, only that the installed version will be fully featured and much more fast.

Q. What screen size do you recommend?
A. Our EMR is optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. You can change your screen size by right clicking on the desktop to display the pop up box and choosing Properties. If you then click on the settings tab, you should see a section called Display Area or Screen Size. Move the slider from your existing size to 1024 x 768. Say OK to both messages and your screen should flicker and then change.

Q. Does your EMR include any CPT and ICD-9 codes?
A. Yes, our EMR includes the most frequently used CPT and ICD-9 codes. In case a code is not present by default, you may add it easily to the system.

Q. Can more than one user open a patient’s chart at the same time?
A. Yes. However only the user who opens the chart first will have write privileges. Other users will see the read-only version of the chart. This is to ensure data integrity and is by design.

Q. Can more than one patient charts be opened in the program at the same time?
A. Yes. You can open up to four patient charts at a time.

Q. Can data from previous encounters be used as a template for new encounter?
A. You can bring forward the data from only from designated sections of the past encounter, such as problem list and medications. This is by deliberate design.

Q. Will I able to write prescriptions?
A. Yes. Prescription writer is built into the system. You can conveniently print or fax the prescriptions.

Q. Is there any provision for handling Refills?
A. Yes. It is very easy to create a Refill. Refills can be done even without opening the chart of the concerned patient.

Q. Can your EMR store scanned documents?
A. Yes. Scanned documents can be uploaded and attached to the charts. You can even upload PDF files.

Q. Is it possible to add phone notes to the chart?
A. Yes. And you can do this without opening the chart.

Q. Can I send messages to other users of the system?
A. Yes. The messaging system is built into our EMR. You can even route patient charts, scanned documents and telephone messages to other users.

Q. Can I get the source code of the program?
A. Yes. You can buy the source code of the EMR for your peace of mind at a cost of $12,000/-. Under no circumstances may the source code or any modified version or derivative work of the source code be distributed. You may change and modify it only for your own use under the original product license. You will have to sign a legal agreement with 4eGuru Inc. to insure its confidentiality.

Q. What database do you use?
A. EMR4HealthcareEMR uses the latest MySQL relational database. We believe it is one of the most advanced databases that exist today. Please visit their website for more information.

Q. Can the database handle large amounts of data?
A. Yes, MySQL can store and manage 100's of GigaBytes. The size is typically only limited by the amount of hard disk space available.

Q. I want to use an external database. Is it possible?
A. Yes, we can customize our software for use with SQL Server or Oracle database. Please contact custom@EMR4Healthcare.com for customization cost and more information.

Q. How difficult is it to transfer data from my existing system to your product?
A. This depends on the existence of export facilities of your present system. In near future, our product will support import of patients' demographics and insurance data from tab or comma-delimited files. Almost all databases provide this facility therefore this should be not a concern in most cases.

Q. Can your EMR system export data?
A. Indeed. Our product can export entire patient data both in XML and PDF formats. There is no chance of you being trapped should you decide to change vendors in future. It can also export demographic and insurance data as tab or comma-delimited file.

Q. Will your EMR work with voice and hand writing recognition?
A. Yes. It accepts input from mouse, keyboard, speech recognition programs and hand writing recognition programs.

Q. Does your EMR work with Tablet PCs?
A. Yes. It works with Tablet PCs in the same way as it works on normal desktop PCs.

Q. Is your system HIPAA compliant?
A. Yes

Q. How is security insured?
A. All access to the server is password protected and access to patient data on the server itself is also password protected. In addition, you can easily configure a secure layer to encrypt and protect all data that is sent or received over the network, be it your wired LAN, wireless LAN or the Internet.

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